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 Codes i Use

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o1Xx Cobra xX1o
o1Xx Cobra xX1o

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Codes i Use Empty
PostSubject: Codes i Use   Codes i Use EmptyThu Aug 26, 2010 11:39 pm

#Rapid Fire
0x0017f5d0 0xAC800014

#Inff Ammo
0x0017f5d8 0x00000000

#No Recoil
0x0018b314 0x00000000

#No Shock And Anti Melee
0x00202834 0x03E00008
0x00202838 0x00000000

#Speed Walking
0x0026ea54 0x3C054000

#sky view
0x004cf5a0 0x40C00000
0x004cf5a4 0x40C00000

#Sky View v1
;Zoom 1 time to us
0x004cf604 0x40C00000

#3rd Person View v1
0x004cf584 0x42100000

#3rd Person View v2
;Activate by shooting
0x004cf5d4 0x40C00000

#3rd Person View
0x004cf5ac 0x40C00000
0x004caeb0 0x40C00000

#Flash v2
0x0000DE0C 0x46006504
0x004CF590 0x3EA00000

#Ftb1 Lock-On Style
;only works when standing up
0x00277868 0xC7B76814

#Instant Respawn
0x0070C9BC 0x00000000
0x0070CA38 0x00000000
0x0070CAB4 0x00000000
0x0070CB30 0x00000000
0x0070CBAC 0x00000000
0x0070CC28 0x00000000
0x0070CCA4 0x00000000
0x0070CD20 0x00000000

#Quick Lock-on
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0048d84c
0x000000b8 0x50000000
0x00000238 0x50000000
0x000003b8 0x50000000
0x00000538 0x50000000
0x000006b8 0x50000000
0x00000838 0x50000000
0x000009b8 0x50000000
0x00000B38 0x50000000
0x00000Cb8 0x50000000
0x00000E38 0x50000000
0x00000Fb8 0x50000000
0x00001138 0x50000000
0x000012b8 0x50000000
0x00001438 0x50000000
0x000015b8 0x50000000
0x00001738 0x50000000
0x000018b8 0x50000000
0x00001A38 0x50000000
0x00001Bb8 0x50000000
0x00001D38 0x50000000
0x00001Eb8 0x50000000
0x00002038 0x50000000
0x000021b8 0x50000000
0x00002338 0x50000000
0x000024b8 0x50000000
0x00002638 0x50000000
0x000027b8 0x50000000
0x00002938 0x50000000
0x00002Ab8 0x50000000
0x00002C38 0x50000000
0x00002Db8 0x50000000
0x00002F38 0x50000000
0x000030b8 0x50000000
0x00003238 0x50000000
0x000033b8 0x50000000
0x00003538 0x50000000
0x000036b8 0x50000000
0x00003838 0x50000000
0x000039b8 0x50000000
0x00003B38 0x50000000
0x00003Cb8 0x50000000
0x00003E38 0x50000000
0x00003Fb8 0x50000000
0x00004138 0x50000000
0x000042b8 0x50000000
0x00004438 0x50000000
0x000045b8 0x50000000
0x00004738 0x50000000
0x000048b8 0x50000000
0x00004A38 0x50000000
0x00004Bb8 0x50000000
0x00005638 0x50000000
0x000057b8 0x50000000
0x00005938 0x50000000
0x00005Ab8 0x50000000
0x00005C38 0x50000000
0x00005Db8 0x50000000
0x00005F38 0x50000000
0x000060b8 0x50000000
0x00006238 0x50000000
0x000063b8 0x50000000
0x00006538 0x50000000
0x000066b8 0x50000000
0x00006838 0x50000000
0x000069b8 0x50000000
0x00006B38 0x50000000
0x00006Cb8 0x50000000
0x00006E38 0x50000000
0x00006Fb8 0x50000000
0x00007138 0x50000000
0x000072b8 0x50000000
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Codes i Use
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