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 Hack Codes

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PostSubject: Hack Codes   Hack Codes EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 9:24 pm

Here You Go these were my first Codes!!!!

#Increased Fire Rate
0x00500040 0x3c0b44e0
0x00500044 0xadcb0044

#Lock-On Distance Enhanced
0x00500048 0x3c0b5190;lockondistance
0x0050004c 0xadcb007c;^lockon

#Zero Weight
;No weight player
0x00500050 0xadc0009c

#All Fire modes
;any fire mode on any gun
0x00500054 0x240b000f
0x00500058 0xadcb00a0

#All Attachments
;any attachmnet on any gun
0x00500060 0x240bffff
0x00500064 0xadcb00ec
0x00500068 0xadcb00f0

#Super Shot
;Stronger than Perfect Shot
0x0050006c 0x3c0b0001
0x00500070 0xadcb0060
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PostSubject: Re: Hack Codes   Hack Codes EmptyThu Oct 28, 2010 7:54 pm

i have no respect for people like you. steal credit
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Hack Codes
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