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Hi there!! our records indicate that u are not registered. if u register u have access to game saves codez and more!!! You can reveiw of this site "This is an amazing site, well thought out and very asthetically apealing thanks to the constant view of EliteCodez. I would reccomend this site to many people looking for a high quality gamesave and once its popularity grows, this will be the best site in all of ftb3"
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thank you and enjoy the site!! -CobraSR
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o1Xx Cobra xX1o
o1Xx Cobra xX1o

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Site Rules Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 4:17 pm

1.Attempt to hack, DDos, glitch, the site will be banned from our server, and may be followed up with legal action.
2.Phishing Staff, or users will receive a permanent ban.
3.Any attempt of causing any form of damage to the site will be banned from our server, and may be followed up with legal action.
4.Making multiple accounts will cause you to receive an infraction/ban and one of the accounts being banned.
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Site Rules
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